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Shore FX offers the following services to our customers using these and sometimes a little "custom magic" to create solutions for our partner clients.

Website Development

We partner with design creatives and apply our development skills to take their vision to reality with clean, modern development, based on best practices for security, SEO and scalability. We create solutions which not only make your business stand out at go-live, but can grow with you and are maintainable into the future.read more

Website Hosting

Your online presence and data should be secure, consistently available and quickly accessible to you, your customers and your systems. We offer solutions from development to go-live and beyond on dedicated platforms. We tune solutions to meet your needs from Business to Enterprise grade. Partnering with major names such as Liquid Web, Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Azure.read more

SFTP Hosting for Integrations

Automating the transfer of data from one system to another often requires a staging area between them. We offer competitive and secure file transfer (SFTP) solutions. read more

Domain Name Registration and Configuration

Many think of a domain name simply as a website address; required to direct visitors to your site. A domain is certainly that, however a domain is much more. It is a part of your brand, a representation of your digital presence online. It is something your employees, visitors and customers remember.read more

SSL Certificates and Configuration

Communication between websites, APIs, and integrations should be protected. This is especially true if any of that data includes payment information, personal information (PII) or protected health data (PHA) covered by HIPAA.read more

Business Email

Email is a critical communication tool for your employees, visitors and customers. We offer various solutions to suit your needs from Business to Enterprise. read more

Software Development

We have extensive experience developing custom software solutions on Windows, Linux and embedded platforms. From C#/.Net on Windows to C/C++ on Linux. Database flavors including MySQL and SQL Server. Scriptware and full-stack web languages. We also love connecting systems with APIs; architecting and creating micro-service based solutions. Let us help you eliminate tedious and error prone manual data connections.read more


Shore FX offers over 20 years of experience across multiple industries including Semiconductor, Retail and Hospitality. We've built quite the knowledge tool box in that time and continue to grow - we're curious "can-do" people. Let us tap into that knowledge to help you. Share and challenge us. We'd love to help.read more

Our Partners

Shore FX creates solutions for our customers using the services of these technology and creative providers.

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Shore FX LLC Shore FX is a solution focused business based on the beautiful lakeshore of West Michigan. We have an infectious "can-do" curiousity. We live and breath technology; sharing, driving and learning. We specialize in data; Getting it from A to B wherever that may be in the world. We help businesses, their customers and systems interact with that data in the most efficient, informative and transformative ways.