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We've answered some of the most common questions we encounter here. If you have any other questions or would like to discuss a project partnership please call or contact us to discuss further.

Who do you use for website hosting?

We are proud to partner with both Liquid Web and Google's Cloud Platform (GCP) for website hosting servers. These are top-tier providers of hosting solutions and more. We can scale from supporting small business websites balancing cost and performance to large enterprise sites with load balancing ensuring fast response for a world-wide customer base.

Shore FX is member of the Google Cloud Innovators program.

Who do you use for domain name registration?

We primarily partner with for domain name registration but also work directly with registrars in Europe for European domain name extensions.

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system, often abbreviated as CMS, is software that helps users create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge. The CMS is a mobile-friendly web based program accessible through a web browser from any internet connected device. This makes it very easy to update your website wherever you are.

Shore FX uses CMS Made Simple (CMSMS). CMSMS is a fast, intuitive CMS that has been well received by our customers with minimal learning curve. We have worked with CMSMS for over 10 years; leveraging, extending and contributing to it's industry leading features. CMSMS is supported by a large open source community. An open solution ensures your website is built on a foundation that is flexible and will exist for the long term.

Why do you use CMSMS instead of WordPress?

CMSMS and WordPress have a lot in common. They are written in the same language, use the same database and are both community supported open-source content management systems. Both are good content management solutions and have a very large customer base which ensures long-term support from the community.

WordPress started life as a blogging tool. It was designed to manage and publish articles. It has evolved to be a website content management system.

CMSMS started life as a website content management system with a vision to be simple. As it's name implies, it is intentionally light-weight and intuitive for both the website developer and the client wishing to add, delete or edit a page. 

We've converted many WordPress websites to CMSMS at the request of a customer and prompted by their frustration with WordPress' sometimes non-intuitive administration.

There are many variables at play that can influence how fast your website loads. However, in our testing we generally see CMSMS' light-weight design result in significantly faster page load times on equivalent hosting servers*. That can have a significant impact on SEO.

Finally we know CMSMS inside-out. Our depth of knowledge with this CMSMS means we can confidently commit to customizing modules as needed and make choices which enable your website to grow with you.

You can learn more about CMSMS here.

* On a recent design project we migrated a WordPress site to CMSMS on the same Shore FX hosting server. The original WordPress website was developed by a Shore FX partner. Benchmarking the new home page we observed the following load times:

CMSMS: 1.05 s
Wordpress: 5.11 s

The original WordPress website was created relatively recently with a WordPress template. The new CMSMS was custom development. 

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