The story of Shore FX

The principle developer and owner of Shore FX is Jon Sykes. Jon brings over 30 years of technology experience to the table. Working in the semiconductor, retail and hospitality industries has demonstrated there are common challenges across industries. Experiences gained in one industry translate. They can be creatively applied to help in others.

Jon graduated from University College London (UCL) with a dual BSc in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. UCL is a globally recognized and top-ranked University. Pioneering in research and a founding European driver of what is now the Internet. Specializing in networking, VoIP and more.

Jon started his career in the semiconductor industry driven by his child-hood interest in the combination of electronics and software (think ZX81 and Radio Shack electronic kits). A field where many of the toughest problems have no pre-existing solution. Working at the sub-micron level of semiconductors. Everything was created from scratch. This was the foundation of the "can-do" attitude at the heart of Shore FX and the appreciation for the value of time to market driven schedules.

Retail reinforced a focus on listening to customers, an empathy for tight margins and lean business models. Becoming an expert in payment systems, processors and payment switches. Including introducing EMV in 2016 and a close, driving partnership with leading vendors in that space including EMVCo, Verifone and NCR. Leading development on point of sale solutions with one of the largest regional hyper-markets added compliance skills including HIPAA and PCI.

Hospitality continued the focus on, and empathy for, the customer (and those who serve them). Add the complexity of large multi-unit deployments, national infrastructure and real-time data capture for business intelligence. Realizing and solving the need to communicate effectively and efficiently with employees and customers nationwide and worldwide.

All of these "ingredients" have led to a passion for managing data; Gathering data, analyzing data and doing something useful with it. From presenting it in formats that are easy to interact with online (a website) to automating business processes and the data transports (APIs and more) to make that happen.

Shore FX continues to grow and learn. We have created solutions for B2B and B2C customers. Many of our solutions include websites, but they go far beyond that.  Check out our services and solutions for more information.

Shore FX, Founded 2004.

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About Shore FX

Shore FX LLC Shore FX is a solution focused business based on the beautiful lakeshore of West Michigan. We have an infectious "can-do" curiousity. We live and breath technology; sharing, driving and learning. We specialize in data; Getting it from A to B wherever that may be in the world. We help businesses, their customers and systems interact with that data in the most efficient, informative and transformative ways.