GoodTemps Staffing Solutions

Project Description

Shore FX has been a partner with GoodTemps staffing for many years. We created their first website that has grown with them and evolved over several re-designs.

We later added a full online application process with the ability to create an account, start an application, save progress and submit. We created a fill-in PDF application form package for GoodTemps which serves two purposes; an in-person easy to fill-in form and also for automatic population from the online web application. A completed online application package is sent to the GoodTemps recruiters and copied to the applicant for reference.

The online application solution is a generic solution created by Shore FX which generates Adobe form data files and with custom software injects that data into a fill-in PDF immediately upon web form submission. The result is a fully filled PDF in your format, ready to be printed or attached to other systems. The fact that the form data originated from a website form is transparent to the reader of the PDF.

Services Provided

  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Custom Software Development